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What is IP Address?

You might have heard people around you talking about IP addresses and even on the internet many people keep mentioning it. Have you ever wondered what it is and what is your IP address? If no, then don't fret as this short post will tell you some important things regarding IP addresses. Let's begin by telling you what they are:

IP means "Internet Protocol address" that is a label (numerical) assigned to every device i.e. computer, printer etc. in any computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication purposes. Think of it as a different phone number for every household except in this case it is a different IP address for every device that uses Internet Protocol for connectivity.

IP address does two different tasks:

  1. Identification of host or network interface
  2. Addressing the location

The overall role of IP address is described as follows:

  • Name indicates what we are looking for.
  • The address gives us an idea where it is and
  • The route tells us how to get there.

For a layman IP address is nothing but just a set of numbers. They are however, binary numbers that are stored in text files and are normally displayed in human readable notations. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) manages the overall allocation of IP addresses space blocks to ISPs around the world.

There are two different versions of IP Address - IPv4 and IPv6. However, in general when someone talks about IP address they're referring to IPv4. You can always search your IP address on Internet as there are different sites that can give you brief to detailed info about it.