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For those who are not fully savvy with computers and the lingo that goes with them it can be quite confusing. If you own a computer and use the internet then you have probably heard the words ‘IP address’. What does this mean? The letters IP stands for Internet Protocol. Your IP address is part of a highly advanced system that completes various actions on the internet. A IP address can be dynamic or static.

  1. Dynamic IP address: is considered temporary. Each time a computer uses the internet it has a different IP address.
  2. Static IP address: is never changes. The IP address numbers never change. Dynamic IP addresses are considered safer than static IP addresses.

How to Find Your IP Address

When performing certain tasks and programs on your computer you may be asked what your IP address is. Although this can be confusing for some it really doesn’t have to be all that confusing. Here we will explain some of the easier ways to determine what your IP address is.

  • Use Google Search: Open your browser window and in the search box type ‘IP Address’ and then hit the enter key. This will tell you exactly what your IP address is.
  • Visit our tool “What Is My IP Address” the tool will display what is your IP address. Not only will this tool tell you what is your ip address is it will also tell you where you are located and what company you have your internet service with.

These are the two easiest ways to be able to identify what your IP address is. Simply knowing what your IP address is can help you when you are running certain programs. What used to be so confusing is now rather simple isn’t it? No need to make things any harder than they need to be and finding your IP address isn’t hard at all.

How to Hide Your IP Address

You may be reading this and wondering why anyone would want to hide their IP address. There are a number of reasons but the best known one is people do not want certain websites to be able to track them. Hiding the IP address is also extremely important to those in the law enforcement world. When law enforcement specialists are working on the internet they want to remain anonymous to carry out their work. If people knew that they were in a chat room with law enforcement officials you can pretty much bet the conversation would change really fast. Having the IP address hidden allows the law to be able to get in and out of places without others knowing where they are from and where they are. Hiding your IP address can be done in a number of ways and you can pick which is the easiest solution for you.

There are companies that will charge in order to use their service to hide your IP address. Many companies will charge a one-time fee and you are able to use the services whenever needed.

How to Change Your IP Address

There are times when you may want to change your IP address. One reason to change your IP address is if you are trying to have extra privacy. Changing your IP address or using a proxy server can give you the extra privacy you are seeking.

The first way to change your IP address is to simply unplug your router for five minutes and then plug it back in. Check your IP address to see if it is different. If the first method does not work then you may want to unplug your router overnight and plug it back in the following morning. For those who have a laptop and want to use a different IP address all that needs to be done is a change of location. Instead of using your laptop from home just go to the local coffee shop that has free Wi-Fi. No problem changing your IP address with these easy solutions. Another way to change your IP address is through using a proxy server.

A proxy server acts as the ‘middleman’ between your computer and the web address you are accessing. The proxy server takes all of your information and pretty much strips it and then sends out the information with a whole different IP address. Although these proxy servers work great there are a few that may slow down your connection speed a bit. After testing a few you will be able to figure out which is the best one for your use.

What is VPN Service

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN adds a few extra levels or layers of security to public and private networks. The most commonly known public networks would be hotspots. But, what are the other reasons for needing a VPN? Many employers now require employees to have a VPN if they are working remotely. In most cases the company that hires you will pay for the VPN service.

You want more security so the reasonable solution is to use a VPN service. If you travel in and out of the USA you may want to use a VPN service. Make sure that the VPN service is based in the USA if you want to be able to watch USA based television. Another added bonus with most VPN services is the virus protection. Having the added protection can never hurt. One of the best known VPN services is hidemyass.com.

What is the Best VPN Service

There are many great VPN services and we will list a few here so that you will have a few choices to look over.

    • HideMyAssHideMyAss

As this article is being written HideMyAss that has received great customer feedback. Hide My Ass service packages are affordable and well worth it. The package for a month of service is right around $6.55 with Smart-ass package.

This VPN company offers many tools including anonymous email. For those who want to have the option of having all of their devices protected including computer, gaming consoles and Apple TV are given full instructions on how to accomplish this through the router.

Hide My Ass has even listed the best routers to use. The list of routers begins at a price of around $100 right to the most expensive being about $400. Customer service here is great and if you are not sure about your router they are able to answer any questions you may have. Having all of your electronics secure is simple when it is all taken care of through the router.

Hide My Ass also offers a live chat for those who want immediate help while on their computers. Hide My Ass also offers a free proxy service for those who want to hide their IP address occasionally. The VPN service is now available in over 63 countries and the list is growing rapidly.

More Details About HideMyAss

    • IPVanishIPVanish

IPVANISH is another top-rated VPN service that is offering 10% off of all their VPN plans. IPVanish totes that they are the only authentic tier-1 VPN service around the globe. Offering great security and fast VPN speeds, this is a great service. With IPVanish you do not have to worry about security because it is well taken care of.

This is a very good service especially if you use public Wi-Fi on a regular basis. One of the most interesting services is the VOIP Over VPN service. If you tend to be using Skype or other services to make your international or long distance calls you can cut the bill down. With VOIP Over VPN you can easily change the country that you are calling from. This is great for those who make calls globally and are usually paying hefty phone bills.

The plans begin at around $9.00 a month. For the cost of one month it will certainly help bring down the cost of international calling. For those who enjoy news from around the world this is a great tool. Those who want to see a game that is taking place in another country like Brazil can now view the excitement in real time without the computer lagging. When making calls and watching live TV it is essential to choose a service that has good speeds.  IPVanish accepts all forms of payment including all credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

More Details About IPVanish

    • PureVPNPureVPN

Pure VPN states that they were the first to introduce personal VPN service to the world. With over 1 million satisfied customers, Pure VPN has locations all over the world. Available is the option to be able to protect all of your electronics including your cell phones. With the one click software the installation is super easy and user friendly.

Pricing begins at about $10.00 a month and there is a free trial period. As of this writing, the trial period lasts for three full days. To sign up for the service you do not need a credit card. Simply fill in the form with your full name and your email address. They will then send the email to you and you can get started.

Pure VPN will allow you to PureVPN on a total of five devices. PureVPN does not put any limits on your data usage. Having no limits is great for those who like to download and stream large amounts of content. PureVPN has been featured in PC Magazine, C|NET, and Lifehacker. PureVPN is also available for businesses. IN ordr to open a business account with them it is best to contact them to discuss the best plan available to suit your company needs.

More Details About PureVPN

    • Express-VPNExpress-VPN

ExpressVPN is very easy to install and use and is also affordable. Package prices begin at about $12.00 a month. The plans with the longer duration service times are less expensive but you will have to pay more upfront to get the discount.

ExpressVPN has no limitations on the amount on bandwidth being used and they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The money back guarantee covers all of their plans so you are safe no matter what plan you choose from the beginning. ExpressVPN has customer service around the clock and the service has been rated excellent.  All plans cover full access to their global network. The network consists of over 72 locations and this is growing daily. Customer support also offers live chat for those who are looking for a fast response time.

More Details About ExpressVPN

    • VyprVPNVypr VPN

Vypr VPN is one of the top of the line VPN services. This company offers personal VPN service, professional-grade secure online storage and encrypted messaging. Vypr VPN is a worldwide service provider that is fully committed to service that offers a secure open internet.

The company’s networks are fully owned and located in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Prices for the VPN basic service begins at about $6.67 a month. As with most of the other providers, you can get a better rate by purchasing the longer duration packages.

Vypr VPN does offer a free trial and if you are not happy all you have to do is contact their customer support which is available around the clock and seven days a week. The VPN service can be added to MAC, Windows, Android and iOS. With each plan you will receive a certain amount of free storage space. The basic plan now comes with 10GB Dump Truck Storage.

More Details About VyprVPN

What is The Difference Between a Proxy and VPN Service

There is a difference between a proxy and a VPN service. A proxy server is what is known as browser based. Whereas a VPN changes all of your information and routes it a server. A proxy works much like a filter and can slow your connection speeds. A VPN will not slow your speeds and handles larger amounts of data much easier.

For those who are looking for more security and would rather not be tracked, a proxy server will work. A proxy server is great if you only want to hide your IP address and have more security occasionally.  If you would like to have your IP address completely hidden at all times then it is probably your best bet to choose a VPN service. VPN service is easy to turn on and off with a fast click of a button. The prices of VPN services will depend on the type of service that you are looking for.